Gail Steenkamp

Gail is a registered Counsellor at the Minke Saayman Child and Family Centre, has adult children and a grandchild.

Gail is registered as a Counsellor and has a Pastoral degree. She has operated in private practice since graduating in her late 40’s.  Her studies included Helping Victims of Occult Related Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder in which she has extensive experience. Her training also included knowledge of other harmful religious practices.

She is trained in trauma counselling, socio-emotional counselling with adults and children, socio-emotional assessment of children, bereavement, play therapy, addictions, spiritual guidance and an array of other therapeutic topics.

Her current involvement is primarily focused on assisting and supporting the children within Children’s Youth Care Centres as well as counselling with children and adults in private practice.  This includes motivational and psycho-educational support, bringing healing to extremely abused and/or traumatised children, young adolescents and adults.

Gail also consults with adults who need emotional healing either from their past experiences or current situations.

Her passion is getting people to recognise their strengths and personal values and to see them flourish despite their circumstances. She thrives on learning new skills and is constantly searching to enhance her knowledge.

Gail has successfully competed various training modules with F.A.C.T as well as training courses with other National and International Organisations, broadening her knowledge and skills.  She is a long serving Board member of ASERAC Training Faculty and presents various training courses for them.

On invitation, Gail has fulfilled a Pastoral preaching role and facilitates motivational group chats at Elim Rehabilitation Clinic in the East Rand.

Gail also does EAP work at the Minke Saayman Centre.

Registering Body:

  • CCSA – Counsel for Counsellors S.A  [CO-20199]