“Children awaken your own sense of self

when you see them hurting, struggling,

testing, when you watch their eyes and

listen to their hearts.

Children are gifts if we accept them.”

Kathleen Tierney Crilly

Individual Child Therapy

Play therapy is generally employed with children aged 3 – 12 years and provides a way for them to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process, as a vehicle for them to know and accept themselves.

Socio-Emotional Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment of a child (0 – 18yrs), to assess the child’s experiences and perception of his/her social and emotional functioning.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma creates a feeling of anxiety that can last for years. Trauma can manifest in internalising symptoms such as irritability or emotional outbursts, sleep and / or appetite disturbances and psychosomatic problems. We use a wide variety of techniques to address trauma symptoms and to help the client to cope with these symptoms.

Therapy for Adults

We offer individual counselling, trauma debriefing, stress management and more to adults.

Parenting Skills Training

Parenting can be challenging and is one of the most difficult tasks parents have to deal with. We offer a parenting skills training programme where we teach parents practical skills in corrective discipline, understanding the developmental phases of children and managing common childcare problems.

Attachment Therapy

Attachment Therapy is used to strengthen the bond between a child and a parent. It focuses in building trust in the child toward the parent. In attachment we use eye-contact, touch, movement, smiles and sharing to form a more secure attachment relationship between parent and child.

Group Therapy

Family therapy is based on the premise that all psychological problems reflect a dysfunction in the family system. Family therapy seeks to achieve a balance between the needs of the individual and those of the larger extended family system.

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